Denzil Howson (1918–2005) was an accomplished actor, writer, director and producer in television, radio, film and theatre in Australia. His professional career spanned over 60 years starting in radio in the late 1930s. In 1956 he joined GTV9 in Melbourne and played a leading role in the pioneering years of Australian television. This website shares some of Denzil’s legacy.
The Happy Show (1957–1964) was the first regular live children’s show on Channel Nine in Melbourne. Created by Denzil Howson and initially hosted by Happy Hammond, it was later re-named the Tarax Show. Perhaps the most famous stars of the show were ventriloquist Ron Blaskett and his doll Gerry Gee. Visit our Tarax Show pages for history, photos, recollections, audio and video.
A collection of photographs from Denzil’s life and career arranged in a series of galleries: youth, family, film, radio, television and theatre.
Denzil had a lifelong interest in sound recording — starting with cutting acetate discs on a home-made recording lathe in the 1930s. In later years, he produced numerous radio documentaries for the ABC and community radio. In this section you’ll find digital copies made from some of his large collection of reel-to-reel tapes dating from 1952.
Denzil was a prolific writer, mainly of scripts for radio, television and film. But he also found time to write an autobiography and articles on various topics which interested him. Here you’ll find a brief selection of his writings.

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