A Stickler for Detail and Precision

It was an immense pleasure to have known and worked with Denzil Howson. I first met Denzil when I operated a film and video transfer studio in Illowa St, East Malvern in the early 1980s and I what impressed me most about Denzil was his knowledge, attention to detail and his passion for film and audio. I also had the privilege of knowing his wife Dot who complemented Denzil in every possible way and with whom my wife and I shared happy times.

Denzil reminded me much of my father for being a stickler for detail and precision. I once transferred a 16mm kine for him and upon viewing it he rang me asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing it again as the grey scale wasn’t quite right. Initially I was a bit miffed, but then thinking about it Denzil did me a great favour and one for which I’m most grateful.

Denzil was a man of great wit and character diversity and also a fine raconteur. Our film, TV and radio industry is all the more rich and diverse because of Denzil Howson.

Rob Sinclair
Cineclair Productions
January 2015

Rob Sinclair operated a film and video to DVD conversion service in East Malvern, Victoria.