You Felt Good in His Company

Denzil Howson, my dear friend and production manager, and ventriloquist Ron Blaskett, gave me the opportunity to enjoy the challenge of becoming the musical director of Channel Nine in Perth.

The Channel Niners Club went to air live five days a week featuring Ron Blaskett, Gerry Gee, Peter Harries, Peter Piccini, Veronica Overton, Alan Graham, Bon McGuire and guest artists.

The Geoff Newman Show went to air every week with interstate stars and overseas acts. There were also many outdoor live TV shows.

Denzil Howson’s contribution to West Australian television as a performer, scriptwriter, producer and director has been outstanding.

Denzil was a kind and gentle man with a great sense of humour and he made one feel good in his company.

My wife Fina and I had some great times in company with Denzil and his charming wife Dot.

Sadly, Denzil passed away this year 2005. I will always remember us all singing Underneath The Arches on TV together. God Bless Denzil you will always be in our thoughts. Thanks for a great ride.

Peter Piccini
Perth WA, 2005

Peter Piccini was a Perth musician who worked with Denzil at STW9.