A Person of Boundless Energy

My memory of Denzil is really a person of boundless energy, completely honest in his approach to his treatment of actors when in a directorial capacity, and again a delight to work with in a fellow actor’s situation — always thoroughly professional as an actor in radio, TV or film.

I was speaking to my daughter (Gail) and she mentioned how fascinated she was when one day Den showed us through his recently completed radio studio at the rear of the house, built mainly with his own hands! She was only about six or seven at the time, I think.

Of course, film was a great love of Den’s work, wasn’t it? Especially Australian film — he was always intensely loyal and supportive of it. I remember he told me he had taken a few shares in the first “Crocodile Dundee”! I was never presumptuous enough to ask “How many?” and “Are you a big punter?”.

I’m sure Den would have been very happy to have been a part of those [early] days. There was some superb work done in radio drama and documentary in that time.

Syd Conabere
October 2005

Syd Conabere was an Australian actor in theatre, film and television.