A Man of Enormous Ability and Versatility

Denzil transferred his extraordinary show business skills to the world of corporate films and videos in the 1970s and 80s. Working at SMS Audio Visual in Toorak Road South Yarra with Lewis Smith, Robin Byrne and Keith Webb he added enormous technical ability as well as theatrical versatility.

One moment he would be pulling apart quaint, desktop film strip projectors, next he’d be providing character voices for a show about Nylex garden products.

As a freelance writer for many of these shows it was a delight to create characters within a script that I knew Denzil could bring to life. Smarmy spare parts salesman, coal miner, salty sea captain, colonial spice trader — Denzil brought colour and depth to every one of them.

Then there were his unpardonable contributions to the SMS Christmas reel often featuring his Honda step-through motor bike.

Professor Ratbaggy still exists among my circle of friends. There are times when we wish we had the Professor’s Death-O-Scope to exact vengeance on a recalcitrant client.

Roger Clarke
January 2007

Roger Clarke worked as a writer on audio-visuals with Denzil in the 1970s.