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1952 Interview with English Actress Anne Crawford

I was recently contacted by a lady in the UK who was interested in the life of British actress Anne Crawford and had seen the following photo on this website of Denzil with Ms Crawford. According to the Internet Movie Database, Anne Crawford was born in 1920 in Haifa, Palestine and died of leukemia in London in 1956.

Photo of Denzil Howson interviewing Anne Crawford in 1952

Denzil interviewed Ms Crawford at Chelsea, London on the evening of Thursday 2nd October, 1952. She was on set for the film “Street Corner” about the work of female police officers.

Denzil wrote in his diary:

“We came home to tea, and awaited a call from Mr Spencer re going out on location at Chelsea. At 8.45pm he phoned and we drove down to Mamera Ave (?) where a unit was shooting outdoor night sequences of a film tentatively titled ‘The Gentle Arm’. Owing to the fact that earlier shots had been taken on a wet night, the road on this perfectly fine night had to be wet, so the fire brigade was called in to completely douse the road surface, and gentlemen with watering cans doused walls and footpaths in the line of the camera. Between shots, we interviewed Anne Crawford, Terence Morgan, and Peggy Cummins, as well as Bill Macquitty the producer of the film and Mrs Muriel Box, wife of Sydney Box, and the director of the film.”

I discovered the Anne Crawford interview intact on an ancient reel-to-reel tape. You can listen to the newly digitised interview here (or find it on the Sound Bites page):

Listen Now: Click the play button on the audio player:

Download: Click here to download an mp3 (3.5mB).

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