Always The Consummate Professional

If there were a Denzil Howson working today, a TV or radio station could save a fortune in wages.

In the time that I knew and worked with Denzil, he read the news, produced comedy, wrote comedy, acted in comedy sketches, acted in drama, produced programs and heaps more…

And in all of those, he excelled!

On top of all that he was a classy practical joker.

It is my belief that people like Denzil should have been employed in their mature years by TV stations, to pass on advice and knowledge to those who are trying to carve a career in this intensely complex and demanding industry.

I know, because along with people like Joff Ellen, Rosie Sturgess, Norm Spencer, Fred Parsons, etc, Denzil was responsible for helping a lot of us younger people gain all kinds of knowledge, which today has proved invaluable.

What a work-load Denzil had … you could see him on the Tarax show between 5 and 6PM … see him in sketches on IMT that night, and wake up and hear him reading the news on 3AK.

I used to think there were two or three Denzil Howsons … one Denzil simply couldn’t do all those things…

And then, there was all the behind-the-scenes work, including administration that Denzil performed, always in his charming and soft manner.

But, never be fooled by Denzil’s “soft” side … he had a wicked sense of humour, which from memory once nearly led to a court case when he devised an April Fool’s Day stunt on Perth TV when he showed that a brand new building in the CBD was on a lean.

I thank you Denzil for all the advice you gave me over the years and for always being the consummate professional.

Cheers, Mike
September 2005.

Mike McColl Jones worked at GTV9 in the early days of Australian television.