About Denzil Howson

Denzil Howson’s career spanned almost sixty years in the fields of radio, film, television and theatre. He was a performer, a writer, a director and a technician — competent behind the stage, camera or microphone as well as in front of it.

Making films, television or sound recordings is not unusual today. The tools have become commonplace and easy to use. Nowadays even school children learn how to be film makers, or try their hand at home-grown radio or television production.

But it was not always so. Not that long ago, these kinds of creative activities required exotic technology that was restricted to the dedicated professional and before that to the pioneer in the field.

Denzil Howson belonged to that pioneering era of radio, sound recording and television. He built home-made radio sets as a boy and began his career in radio when it was still in its infancy, especially in country Australia. His interest in sound recording started in the era when one had to make one’s own equipment.

He was one of the pioneers of television in this country, playing a seminal role right at the start of television broadcasting in Melbourne in 1956.

Biographical Notes About Denzil

The following biographical notes about Denzil were presented as the eulogy at the funeral service for Denzil held on 23 September 2005:

By Gregory Ross, Funeral Celebrant
Greg Ross is a Melbourne actor.
By Paul Howson
Paul Howson is Denzil Howson’s son.

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Paul Howson