Denzil Howson was a prolific writer, mainly of scripts for radio, television and film. But he also found time to write an autobiography (“Revoir”) and articles on various topics which interested him. Here you’ll find chapters from “Revoir” plus other selections from his writings.

Chapter 3: Making Various Waves on Radio

An excerpt from Denzil’s autobiography. In 1936 Denzil left school in Castlemaine and moved to Melbourne, finding a job making radio sets and embarking on a radio engineering course at the Melbourne Technical College (later RMIT).

Chapter 4: The “Argus” Broadcasting Services

Denzil’s account of his career in country radio from 1939 to 1948. Starting at 3SR, Shepparton in 1939, Denzil soon found himself in uniform at the outbreak of WWII, an assignment which took him eventually to the Heidelberg Military Hospital. After the war he spent four years at 3YB Warrnambool where he honed his experience as a radio announcer and producer.

Chapter 7: Movies and Microphones

Denzil joins a film-rental company as a repairer of film projectors. He mixes this with work as a radio actor and writer of radio dramas.

Chapter 8: The Magic Box — Television

Denzil becomes one of the pioneers of television in Australia at GTV9 in Melbourne. He founds the childrens' programme “The Happy Show” and contributes to the legendary “In Melbourne Tonight” with Graham Kennedy.

Chapter 10: The Adventures of Gerry Gee

The Adventures of Gerry Gee was a ground-breaking children’s adventure series produced by the Tarax Show crew. Denzil was screenwriter, director, and sometimes actor and cameraman as well. In 1962 Gerry Gee travelled “Around the World” in another Tarax Show series for children.

Chapter 11: The Albury Experience

After leaving GTV9, the Howson family move to Albury, on the Murray River, where Denzil launches a TV station and engages in some amateur theatre.

Further Notes on Television

In 1952 Denzil spent six months in the UK and Europe. Keen to learn about the new medium of television, which had not yet arrived in Australia, Denzil arranged a visit to the BBC television studios at Lime Grove. He made brief notes and sketches in his diary and subsequently typed this longer article “Further Notes On Television”.